Sunday, August 28, 2005


This waiting is awful. On TV there's nothing but how "catastrophic" it's going to be and what the flooding is going to be like and how many people might die in New Orleans, which is projected to be under 25 feet of water. The river closest to our house is supposed to be approximately 7' over flood stage, but it shouldn't affect our house. We might not be able to get out because of street flooding, but this neighborhood was built up much higher than the rest of the area. Although, it's kind of funny, people on my side of the street we required to buy flood insurance, but the people across the street weren't. So I guess if it does flood we'll be safe across the street or something LOL

I've been reading the MetroBlog New Orleans and I was glad to see those guys got out, even though I have no clue who they are. They aren't anticipating coming back home for 2+ weeks. I couldn't imagine that.

So far it hasn't been too bad. Rainy, but only intermittantly. Windy, but nothing really major. Obviously we still have power.

James filled all the Rubbermaid containers with water. Then he filled one bathtub. The other he just cleaned out in case of tornados, it was full of the kids' bath toys. We're under a tornado warning. I told him to chill out when he started dragging a mattress in there "just in case". We pulled out Eva's old crib mattress so she could either sleep in our room or the living room instead of being in her room by herself. I put the futon mattress in Lauren and Maria's room so I could sleep in there with them.

I guess that's about all there is to report now. Oh I did start Tis the Season. Those Dinky Dye silks are just fantastic!!

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Tracy said...

I just wanted to report to any of Autumn's blog readers that I recieved an email from her yesterday and her and her family are safe and sound. She is without power and will be for at least a week, maybe two. I don't know if she has made contact with anyone else but I just wanted to let everyone know. ((hugs to Autumn and family))