Friday, August 26, 2005

A New Wal-Mart and Assorted Other Topics

Our new Wal-Mart opened Wednesday!! Ok, so I know that's not really exciting, but I'm really happy about it. I like to keep my sales tax dollars as close to home as possible. Prior to this one opening I either had to shop in another town or another Parish. So now, I can do pretty much all my shopping in my own town.

So the girls and I went yesterday, and what do you know, it looks just like a Wal-Mart inside. This one, however, did have a little feature I've not noticed in other ones, it had benches every few rows. We didn't get much. Eva's been obsessed with Halloween so we got her a costume, Tinkerbell. Lauren and Maria each got a Weeble. I got a little cross stitch kit, actually, I think it's more needlepoint. It's a little tiny lady bug, a Dimensions kit from a line I've never seen before. It's cute.

Not too much else going on, but I did notice two random things last night flipping through the channels. I watched a few minutes of Me, Myself and Irene last night on FX. I thought it was interesting that they changed all the motherf---s with mamma jamma. I was under the impression that mamma jamma was one of those things that we weren't allowed to say anymore because it's not politically correct or something? Secondly, when Two and a Half Men started I thought it was it was funny to pair up Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer, just because they seemed sort of an odd couple. However, they were both in the movie Hot Shots! which was on TBS last night. I only watched about 10 minutes of it, but I still think that movie is sooo funny.

This morning there's a lot of discussion about the predictions for the upcoming LSU football season. People are expecting really great things. I'm wondering if they aren't a little overly optimistic. I really don't know enough about football to analyze all the players and all the opponents and make a logical prediction based on hard statistics. My gut is telling me that they'll go about 8-3. I just can't see going to the National Championship with a new Head Coach and a new Quarterback, but a lot of people are expecting that. Lord help Les Miles if he doesn't do it though, because LSU will probably kick him to the curb, they don't tolerate coaches that don't produce championship teams.


me said...

Hi Autumn. I just found your blog! When you commented about LSU I checked my football schedule and UT plays LSU on Sept. 24. I don't follow football, but I might have to because it is HUGE down here. We'll see what happens!

Jenny said...

I bet the girls will look really cute in the Halloween costumes you picked out. :)