Thursday, July 28, 2005


For some reason I've had that word stuck in my head. I don't even know where it came from.

I don't really have much to blog about today. I had a really great topic in my head yesterday and I can't remember what it was. I guess Smegma just blew it right out of there.

Here's a little quiz I took today

Your Power Color Is Lime Green

At Your Highest:

You are adventurous, witty, and a visionary.

At Your Lowest:

You feel misunderstood, like you don't fit in.

In Love:

You have a tough exterior, but can be very dedicated.

How You're Attractive:

Your self-awareness and confidence lights up a room.

Your Eternal Question:

"What else do I need in my life?"

I think it's pretty funny because Eva and I both have this weird thing about lime green clothes. We both have more than a normal person should have.

I had a really bad morning today. Actually, it started last night. Lauren and Maria didn't take a nap so by 6 pm they were both really tired and cranky. So, I put them in bed at about 6:30 and I laid down on the couch and fell asleep too. Maria woke up at 11 pm screaming. I get up calm her down and it takes me like an hour to go back to sleep. 1 am, Maria screaming again, this time I fix her (and Lauren who also woke up) some milk. Next thing I know, it's 6:30 am AKA the time I'm supposed to leave the house. The alarm clock didn't go off. So, I'm running around trying to get dressed, but DUH I didn't put my work shirts in the dryer last night. Eva and I are out the house in like 15 minutes. I get halfway to work and realize that I was supposed to pick up a bid package, so I have to turn around and go back, there's no one even there! So I have to wait, and wait and wait. I got to work soooo late this morning.


R2K said...

Im some kind of red!

Tracy said...

Its SCHmegma and it's a Maynard word and I think it may have been used in high school in reference to someone... LOL... I hope I didn't say too much. Email me with questions Autumn. Hope your day got better after your crazy morning :)