Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm nearly done with all the laundry. I figured if we were without power for a few days it'd be best to have all the laundry done. I've also been cleaning and doing all the vaccuuming. The house being messy stresses me out even more so I'm getting that out of the way. Right now the kitchen is a disaster, but I can't clean that until Lauren and Maria take a nap. For some reason whenever I try to clean the kitchen they're always underfoot and trying to "help". All the other rooms it's ok, because they actually can help by picking up their toys, but in the kitchen they don't understand about clean and dirty dishes and which ones go in the dishwasher.

James is making me dump out all my stash so he can fill up all my rubbermaid boxes with water. My closet is a disaster. I keep questioning why we have to do this. His response is that he was in the National Guard when Andrew came through and he "knows". He said he saw how desperate people were. I asked him if the desperate people had generators. He just laughed. I really really really hope that we don't lose power for a very long period of time. I just really really really can't deal with the heat. Fortunately I had mosquito abatement come out Friday and treat the area so maybe mosquitoes won't be a problem.


Tracy said...

You poor thing. Hang in there kiddo. ((hugs))

Tracy said...

I am watching CNN right now covering the press conference with the mayor and the governor. Damn. I am very nervous for you guys. Please check in when you can and let us know that you and your family are safe. Your mom, dad and El live close by don't they? Please stay safe. Take care.

Autumn said...

Yeah, I didn't feel to good after watching that press conference. My parents live across the street. El lives in Baton Rouge, she should be fine. One of her friends owns a house and whenever there's a hurricane they all go over there and get drunk until it passes.