Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Ever see What About Bob? I love the part when Bill Murray is tied to the mast of the boat and it hollaring to Richard Dreyfuss about his sailing. I love the way he yells Ahoy!

My parents bought a boat and we got to ride on it for the first time yesterday. It's a pontoon boat or party barge. It's pretty nice. I don't know how big it is, but I think it could seat 8-10 adults pretty comfortably. It was me and the girls and my parents and one of their friends. Lauren and Maria were ok I guess. I think the timing was bad for them. They didn't get a nap and it was around their suppertime and it was really hot yesterday. Eva has a great time. She got to go swimming. I wouldn't get in the water. I can't deal with water that you can't see the bottom. I have a fear of dead things in the water, or worse live things that might touch me or bite me or something.

It's a really nice boat, but rather different than the boating experiences I used to have up at Lake Winnipesaukee. Then we used to jet around in a bass tracker. This boat did go fast than I would have thought, but you were pretty high up off the water and you can't really do the wake jumping thing. That probably wouldn't be safe for the kids anyway.

Hopefully in about 2 months when it gets a little cooler we can become a little more regular on the water. It's great because we live about 5 mintues from the boat launch and there are all kinds of little bars and restaraunts that you can only access by boat. If you look at a map of the State of Louisiana you'll notice that it resembles a tattered boot. At the toe of the boot you'll notice Lake Maurepas. We're about 30-45 minutes (maybe a little longer) away from there by boat. Just for a little geographic perspective!

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