Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hollywood East

That's what South Louisiana has been dubbed. Combining huge tax incentives to Hollywood movie makers and cheap labor, this area has become a very attractive place to make movies. Some of the most recent are Because of Winn Dixie, The Dukes of Hazzard, and the as of yet unreleased All the King's Men. Those are just the big name movies, I know there have been a lot more. It seems like they're having casting calls every other weekend. Right now, it's Hilary Swank's new movie filming in St. Francisville.

In a way it makes me happy, because I know it's good for the economy and it provides jobs. And it is pretty interesting to know that you're likely to see some celebrity at Wal-Mart (Jessica Simpson)or at the mall (Britney Spears). Because some of my sister's friends are celebrity whores I know that I'm going to find out all kinds of interesting tidbits about various male celebrities when they come to town. I learned more about Johnny Knoxville than I ever wanted to know.

The downside is that it makes me ashamed of some of my fellow Louisianians. Seriously guys, be cool! People are just star struck I guess. There are whole message boards that discuss where the filming is going to be that day and where to strategically place yourself to most likely run into a celebrity, who saw who and where. They remind me of the fans at the Michael Jackson trial....weirdos.

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