Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Movie Weekend

I watched so many movies this weekend!

Racing Stripes-it was cute, but couldn't hold my attention. Eva liked it ok, but she didn't ask to watch it again.

Without a Paddle-started off a little slow, but I thought it was pretty funny in the end.

The Notebook-I don't know what I was expecting, but I kept hearing people raving about this movie and how it was soooo good. I found it to be really predictable. Yes, it was sweet, but it was just sort of a so so movie.

The Hulk-really cheesy. That's about all I can say about that LOL

Rear Window-Old Hitchcock movie with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. It was a really good movie. I watched it on TCM and they always give a little backstory and they mentioned Hitchcock making Raymond Burr looking like David O Selznick because he didn't like him. I thought that was funny. They always have little stories about Hitchcock and how he tortured actors. He must have been an interesting man.

Open Range-Kevin Costner just isn't the best actor. He's always the same person in every role and seems completely incapable of any wild emotion. It was really slow, but I was finally able to sort of get into it. It was sort of a generic Western. It was like any other western movie I've ever seen just filmed more recently.

Ok, that seems like an insane amount of time to be watching movies. But I was doing other stuff while I was watching them!

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