Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sometimes I live in a Mad House

Having 3 kids, 3 little kids, can be quite the experience. Last night I just had to laugh at the chaos. We were watching So You Think You Can Dance (which I found enjoyable) so Eva decided she was going to dance like the people on TV. Now, when she dances she laughs hysterically. She recently learned how to snort when she's laughing which she thinks his even funnier. Maria was spinning around and sort of dancing and singing to herself. She was getting dizzy so she was bumping into things. Lauren was pretending she's a dog or something and was crawling around at top speed with a stuffed animal in her mouth. On top of that she was making a heck of a racket. She was sort of yelling or something.

So kid #1 is dancing around snorting and laughing hysterically. Kid #2 is singing, spinning, bumping into things. Kid #3 is crawling, yelling, weaving around 1 and 2. It was so loud! It was hilarious.

I did get a little stitching in last night. I was really mad at myself, because I left my thread at work for my Tuesday Night RR. So I worked more on Nature Alphabet. I'm almost done with all those little squares. I have about half of the letters stitched in. Those two things will go fast, so then I'll just have the Nature part to fill in and the backstitch border thing. I've gotten myself involved with so many RRs though that who knows when I'll finish. I'm having fun with them though so that's what counts right?

I'm having a bit of a dilemma. For my Tuesday Night RR were doing alphabets. I'm doing a monochrome, using those old French alphabets, I think it's going to come out great. But, the person whose RR I have first is doing something pretty unique. For each letter we have to think of a word that describes her starting with that letter. I have A and B set. I'm still mulling over C and D. I pulled out the dictonary for D. I found it interesting that there are a whole lot more negative descriptive terms that start with D than positive ones. I have about a month or so to think about it so I have time.

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Jill in CA said...

LOL your kids sound hilarious (and very cute)! I can't imagine having 3 of them; I know how loud it can get with just *one*.