Friday, January 05, 2007

Tornados, Murder and Rain Oh My!

Ok...we've had enough rain! The water was up to the roads again yesterday. That may not mean much but you have to understand we have like 10 ft. ditches around here!

2 People were killed in tornados that touched down in Iberia Parish. A man that lives near my in laws had his house destroyed. There was no confirmed tornado there. It was probably a mircoburst. We went through one of those a few years ago and it was pretty terrifying. I couldn't imagine what a tornado would be like.

This morning this headline caught my eye. It's only Jan 5 and at least 6 people have been murdered in New Orleans already. That city is dying on the vine and I have to wonder if it'll ever make it back. They had a press conference about how the murder rate was lower than it had been in a really long time. However, if you compare it on a per capita basis it was like 4 times higher than any other city. And they wonder why tourism hasn't come back and why the citizens won't return.

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Missy Ann said...

I heard about the weather this morning & thought of you. I'm glad you're ok.