Monday, January 22, 2007

I don't even want to talk about it..

Well, I'm a little sad about the Saints game (I won't start ranting about the unfair play calling). I'm still really proud of the team though. I know I have a lot of Pats fan reading this, but I was laughing when the Colts won. I'll have to pull for them, they have a lot of former LSU players.

The weekend was ok. It actually stopped raining on Saturday. Eva had a birthday to go to and it turned out to be really nice. They basically just turned the kids loose outside and all the moms hung out. I really like all of them. At every birthday party it's pretty much all the same moms that show up, so we've gotten to know each other pretty well.

Sunday....the rain came back and it's supposed to stick around until about Thursday. We didn't leave the house at all. We even skipped Sunday School, because I just couldn't deal with getting out in the rain.

About once a year, I get in this bored, restless phase and I'm just starting it right now. I spent most of the weekend prowling around looking for something to do. Throw in some insomnia and that makes for a long weekend. I'm exhausted today. However, I got some work done on the floral RR, a good bit done on LotM, and spent time playing on MySpace. I'm not a big MySpacer, I like never log in, but my cousin just made a page, so I had to look at that, then I found this girl that I went to school with that's into cross stitch, then I found my friend Darren's blog to commemorate his death, so that lead to finding a whole bunch of other people I know. It was kind of fun...a good time killer anyway.


Missy Ann said...

I have just one thing to say about the Saints game. They may have had a chance if they hadn't had to play the refs too.

Susan said...

Sorry, Autumn :(

Go Bears!! I've been hoping for a Bears/Colts Super Bowl all season, and it's finally going to happen!