Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day Off

I took today off. I decided to let Eva stay home from daycare today. So the girls and I are hanging out at home today. It's actually not raining right now, but it's cold and wet and it's supposed to rain at some point today. I'm so tired of this!

I don't know what the hell happened to BlogPatrol, so found a new stats counter. It looks sort of sad sitting down there all little.

I'm still in my really bored phase. Nothing's working and I've been shopping which is bad! I haven't actually really spent a lot of money so it's not terrible. Although the scandal over Theresa's tattoo was pretty entertaining LOL I was wondering if that poor little boy was going to have a heartattack when she started taking off her uniform shirt. Ha ha ha ha!

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Jill said...

For the boredom: This sounds kinda dumb but I got a nintendo ds and I play soduku on it all the time. It isn't hard to learn but has been addictive for me and makes me feel smart. Also Brainage is a fun game, you can buff up on your math skills and it makes you feel less mentally sluggish. I also have big brain academy although I haven't gotten into it.