Thursday, January 04, 2007

Geaux Tigers!!!

Congratulations on winning the Sugar Bowl!! What a fantastic game! Barring any injuries I think Jamarcus Russell is going to have a bright future, despite the fact that my dad thinks he's a dumbass. I just love that they did so well.

Now, on to you LSU fans, LOL, just get over Nick Saban. I mean seriously, do you think the man sat around wondering the best way to screw LSU? After hearing the owner of the Dolphins last night, I suspect they encouraged him to take the Alabama deal. And how many people do you think can pass up $35 million? So just deal with it and look forward to November 3 when LSU will trounce all over "Goddamn Alabama".

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Annmarie said...

Sorry Autumn, I was none to pleased with the result of the game. Notre Dame only had one good quarter.Very sad.