Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

Saturday we got like 6" of rain in about 3 hours. Everything was so flooded, but most of the flooding receeded by the next morning. What's expected tonight and into tomorrow? Another 5" of rain! They've already posted flash flood watches for tomorrow! And can you believe we're still in a drought? LOL

We didn't do anything special for New Year's. Fireworks are legal where I live and there are a great many places that pop up this time of year to buy them. So at about 8 pm everyone started shooting their fireworks. It was pretty cold that night, in addition to everything still being soaking wet. So we got a bunch of blankets and pillows and we all got bundled up and laid out in the back of the pick up truck and watched the fireworks. It was pretty fun. Everyone had to outdo each other so we got a pretty good show. I actually got everyone to go to bed fairly early so I stayed up and watched movies and stitched. It was a nice night.

New Year's Day I spent at the cross stitch store. We all brought food so we ate and stitched and had a very nice time.

I'm hoping to finish that RR soon! Pray for me! LOL

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