Monday, May 23, 2005


First I'm really disappointed that my birth control isn't going to work out for me. My blood pressure is through the roof. I'm waiting for my doctor to call me back to see what I'm going to do about it. I'm fairly certain that I don't want anymore kids, but I change my mind all the time. I might change my mind about that 5 years down the road. So, I don't want any permenant birth control, but even as I type this, I'm doubting that I will. I really don't miss all the lack of sleep, all the costs of formula, and all the stress that comes with newborns. Things have definately started getting a lot easier now that the twins are lot less dependant. Why would I even consider messing that up?

Second, I'm a little disappointed in J's job. He's working a ton of overtime and I haven't noticed any big piles of money laying around.

Third, I'm disappointed in a friend.

Fourth, I'm disappointed in the fact that my ears are not healing. They aren't getting worse, but they aren't getting better either.

However, I was having some serious money trouble this month and ended up with 2 unexpected windfalls that will help out in a big way! I just love when things work out like that. I also finished Susan's RR last night. I think next I'm going to work on Just Nan's Wintery Mix. I have a piece of a very pale lavender fabric that it will fit on and I think the colors looked good on it. I've had that piece of fabric for like 5 years. It's about time I get around to using it. I need something small before the next Round Robin round which will be June 6 and I'll be getting Sherrin's. She already has her neighborhood planned out so I won't need to look for charts for this one.

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