Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Animal Magnetism

J has this friend that I can't stand. He's really super annoying, but fortunately he doesn't visit very much since we got married. One day he was blabbing on about how he loves animals and animals love him. He proclaimed that he had animal magnetism. I didn't bother to correct him about what animal magnetism meant. So, now it's one my private jokes. I thought about it yesterday because the wildlife around here is getting abundant. I got Eva two goldfish about a month ago. I really didn't expect them to last this long. What's the average life span of a goldfish? It's not that I want them to die or anything, but they really exceeded my expectations. The tree frogs are back. We have lots of glass on the backside of our house and there's a bayou back there too. So, during the summer the tree frogs stick on the glass. The other night I kept hearing them hitting the windows and the cats freaking out. The cats can't stand that they can't make those frogs move. And on the subject of animals on the window, yesterday there was a bird clinging to the screen of one of the kitchen windows. Good thing the cat didn't see that. There would have been some serious attacking of the window. The good thing about the bayou in the backyard is the egrets we get. It's nice when there's a misty morning and egrets hanging out in the yard. They're so elegant.

I talked to the nurse yesterday and I can't take hormone based birth control anymore. So, either the OTC stuff or surgery are our only options. I told J he needs to think about getting snipped. I wouldn't mind doing it myself, but I already have 5 scars across my stomach. I don't feel like I need 3 more.

I started Wintery Mix last night. It's stitching up really fast. For my open themed RR I might do Just Nan small designs instead of the Sweetheart Tree idea I originally had.

Tonight is the finale of American Idol. I'm rooting for Bo. Carrie is very good, but I think Bo has more personality and is more worthy of idoling.

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Tracy said...

Yup um I bought two goldfish for the boys February 2004. One of them ("Goku") died after a few months. The other one ("Freddy") is still alive and kicking and growing bigger every day. He is an evil calico goldfish. He is huge and I could probably put him in a pond at this point. He makes a disgusting mess of his tank and is mean and I am convinced he killed "Goku". I bought him at Walmart. I have tried to kill him by letting him live in his own filth for disgusting amounts of time but I always break down and clean the dirty pig. At any rate apparently goldfish are quite hardy. Good freaking luck.