Thursday, May 19, 2005

An Alphabet Game

I found this surfing the blogs this morning so I thought I'd give it a try. You put in a letter of the alphabet into your browsers address bar and pick the link that's the first on the autofill thing.

A-ABC's website
B-Bank One
C-News story about a pregnant Catholic school girl
D-Daily Celeb
F-Fairy Glen Figurines
G-Georgia Lottery
I-Some picture of a Sweetheart Tree pattern
J-A news story about Louisiana sinking into the Gulf of Mexico
K-News report about a druggist refusing the morning after pill to a rape victim
L-Louisiana State Government Website
M-National Bone Marrow Donation Website
N-A site about tailbone fractures
O-Office Depot
P-Ezboard BBs
Q-Quiz on Quizland
R-This crazy woman with her house packed with junk
S-Salary Wizard on
T-Taneya's Blog
U-Urban Outfitters
V-Victoria Sampler

I don't know about some of these. I guesss it makes it more interesting since I'm not the only person that uses this computer. Certainly the tailbone one is my sister's as is the site. I'd guess Urban Outfitters and the Zazzle site is too.

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