Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Girls

I finally took some pictures today. Lauren and Maria are getting so big. They're almost 14 mos old now. For the most part they get along really well. They play together and they make each other laugh a lot. They're really sweet to each other some times especially when they share toys or food. They do fight sometimes and it's pretty funny when they do, but they usually get over it pretty fast. In this picture Maria is on the left.

edited to remove picture since it's screwing up my template

Eva's getting so big too! 3 1/2 already. She's such a goofball. She loves anything Princess and considers herself to be one. She calls hiccups pickups. She can't take a normal picture! She always has to pose or act really silly as evidenced by the picture below. She's on her way swimming with her Daddy.

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Tracy said...

The twins are getting soooo big! I have to say one more time that your girls are just absolutely gorgeous. Are you and James going to be ready for the teen years?? The boys are going to be banging down your door for these three! Beautiful beautiful babies!