Friday, September 22, 2006

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday morning it was 55 degrees and very low humidity. This morning it was 80 and like a steamroom. You could feel it yesterday when the winds shifted around from the north to the south. It's supposed to be stormy all weekend.

No matter, LSU is going to crush Tulane. My Mirabilia RR finally made it back into trustworthy hands. My Stitcher's Lane RR finally made it back home. My parents are taking me out to dinner tonight. My mom and I ran errands yesterday and we ended up getting dinner out last night too. Two nights of no cooking!! My grandmother took me shopping yesterday and I got three pairs of jeans (a size smaller!), a causal outfit and a dressy outfit. TV finally doesn't suck anymore. Tomorrow is my birthday. Can life just get any better than that?

Yesterday I watched a cute little movie. It was called Southern Belles. It had Alex from Gray's Anatomy playing a police officer in modern day Georgia named Rhett Butler. There was a scene where this little kid walked up to him and asked his name, he said "Rhett Butler, what's your's?" The boy answered, "Atticus" LOL And he was dressed just like Dill. I thought it was so funny.


Kristen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUTUMN! I hope you have a great day!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Autumn!

Annmarie said...

happy birthday Autumn!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Autumn, enjoy your day