Monday, September 18, 2006


That can't be the Saints record so far? Winning two games? In a row? I have to say it was a pretty good game too. I don't have anything to say about the LSU game. The officiating seemed a little unfair. The announcers seemed a little biased. Ok, nothing else to say. Zip! The team did play hard and just came up short. Ok, I'll stop. LOL

Didn't do much else. I worked on a punchneedle kit that Stasha RAK'd me with a while back. It's turning out cute. I can't do it for very long because it makes my hand hurt after awhile. I'd say I'm about half done with it. I think if I work on it a little bit every night I could probably finish it this week. I continued on with the never ending vines on my Sweetheart Tree RR. I'm so ready for it to start. And I worked on Wendy's Foldable Book RR. I'll have the front cover finished this week I think. Then I'll pick one of the inside pieces to stitch.

Eva had her first day of Sunday School yesterday. I think she enjoyed it. Then Lauren, Maria and I went to church. They didn't behave as badly as I anticipated, but I kept feeling like the Mass was running really long. When I got out, I ran into one of my co-nursery workers who had a watch it had run nearly an hour and a half and we skipped out after communion. Annmarie...remember Father Reagan who had Mass over in like a half hour? Of course, there weren't nearly as many people to run through the communion line. One time they said that there are approximately 900 people at the 9:30 Mass on average. Anyway, Mass running long, Father Eric started out his homily about addiction which was you know normal, then he got on this tangent about some book he read about a priest in a prison camp in Siberia, and he kept going on and on about the book and never said the name of the book.

There was this dad with a newborn baby at church and the poor baby was screaming it's head off for at least 10-15 minutes and he couldn't do anything to console it really. Then finally the mom comes in the crying room with a bottle and they try to feed the poor thing. It started screaming even more. I wanted to tell them to get that baby some Mylicon and take it for a car ride that God would forgive them for leaving early, but you know, you can't tell other parents what to do with their kids. The baby did eventually fall asleep, I think from sheer exhaustion. Then a new thing started, there were like 3 moms in there with little babies and the moms were bouncing them around, but they were like REALLY bouncing them, I'm sitting there like what the heck, have you people heard of shaken baby syndrome, and the moms are getting frustrated because the babies won't stop crying, well duh, they're probably trying not to throw up. Now Lauren and Maria thought it was highly amusing, they kept going "shake me, shake me" LOL Anyway, I guess it's times like that that I feel a lot more confident in my parenting skills. Well, at least my comforting skills.


Terri said...

We were in mourning all day Sunday LOL Since I live in Charger land I can help wondering if they wish they had not traded away their quarterback ;)

Lee said...

Oh my, I hear you about long masses! We have a new priest who....talks.....very......slowly and even my teenagers get fidgety. I notice that Sunday after Sunday, the littlest kids and babies have reached their limits when we still have about 15 more minutes of mass left. If he!

Tracy said...

"Shake me Shake me" LOL. The girls don't have YOUR sense of humor do they? LOL.

I know what you are saying about watching parents jostle their kids around like that... You just sit there all like... "ooh oooh...stop THAT!" and you really can't do anything about it and you really just want to grab the baby away from them and say "Here.. do it like this..." But like you can't tell other people what to do with their kids...