Friday, September 15, 2006

A Weight Lifted

I've finally made the decision public that I'm ready to hand over the ownership of the JPC board to someone else. I've been thinking about it and looking for alternatives for like a year, but nothing was really working out. So I offered it up to the participants on the board. I've been really nervous about this, but now I feel pretty content with the decision. Hopefully, it'll all work out nicely.

I've felt myself being drawn away from the stitching boards a lot. Not for any one particular reason, mainly just avoiding temptation of wanting to buy stuff. Truth be told, they've all slowed way down, so there's not much holding my interest. A board owner/administrator who has lost interest in their board and doesn't keep up with it drives me crazy and I don't want to be one of those people. Plus, I've been trying to foster more "real life" relationships (that sounds terrible to my online friends because they're real people and real friends, but you know what I mean). So once I get home, we're pretty much out in the neighborhood until it's time for the kids to go to bed. From that point on, that's my time, and I'd rather spend it stitching than checking the boards.

I'll still be around the online stitching community. I still like to lurk and offer tips here and there. And I'm addicted to Round Robins so I have to stick around for those!


Terri said...

You better not disappear on me! LOL I know how you feel, though. I'm on the computer so much at work, that I try to stay off of it in the evenings and on weekends.

Susan said...

{{{Autumn}}} - I know what you mean; I've noticed many of the boards I used to visit no longer have the membership/activity that they used to have, and I agree with you about absent board owners/administrators.

I hope that you will continue to blog, so I can keep up with what you're up to!

Stasha said...

I understand. I've been so busy being back at school that I haven't time for the boards. I also know what you mean about needing out of the box friends.

Jenny said...

((Autumn)) I know what you mean too. I'm also trying to foster "in person" relationships. I'm addicted to the RRs too though, so I'm sure I'll still "see" you around. :)

Shalini said...

Autumn, You provided this space for us when TWBB was closing down the JPC forum. It was a big relief to a lot of us. I know it was for me. I still love hanging out over at your board. Even though participation has decreased there. I hope you get the much needed break.
I hope the board doesn't go away. I know it won't if the members keep participating, but there has been a lack of it lately. I'll try to be more active. {Hugs}