Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Update

Nothing too exciting happened. Just the same ole same ole. Eva did throw me a birthday party though. My mom took her shopping and Eva picked out all the decorations and party supplies. She also picked out the cake, The Little Mermaid. My mom said that Eva told her that I said I really wanted an Ariel cake. It was cute.

I stitched the Sweetheart Tree Joy ornament out of the 2006 Ornament Issue. It only took a couple of hours total. I started it Sunday afternoon and finished it Sunday night. There was a nap, supper and laundry thrown in between then too. I'm debating how to finish it. I think I might do that whipstitched backstitch thing, because I'm not even going to attempt to sew something that small. I've got the Christmas stitching bug now. I pulled out all my old ornament issues and a couple of small patterns to think about.

There's a State wide vote Saturday. I'm very decided on the Commissioner of Insurance election. I'm going with the Libertarian candidate. The other two candidates (both Republicans) are both entrenched Louisiana politicians both are accusing each other of being crooks, so I'm going to go on the assumption that they both are. Practically all the Commissioners of Insurance go to prison in this state for being crooks and theives. So, I'm going with the unknown. From his resume, it looks like he's the only one with any insurance experience anyway, and he was an interpreter for the Department of Defense, so I imagine he probably had to go through some serious scrutiny to get that job since he's Syrian born. The other Election is for Secretary of State. I don't know how to vote there. My gut goes with one particular candidate, but he's another entrenched politician. However, I've met him on several occasions and I didn't necessarily get bad vibes from him.

Also on the political front, my husband has committed blasphemy. I got a "Don't Blame Me I Voted for Jindal" bumper sticker in the mail. He was Gov. Blanco's opposition in the last election. Anyway, he scratched out Jindal and wrote Kerry. The horror!

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