Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Graduation Party

Last night we went to a graduation party for my nephew. I refer to him as the unibomber because he got expelled from his private high school last year for taking part in a called in bomb threat. You'd never know it from the family though, they all stick up for him like he had nothing to do with it. What a bunch of suckers.

Anyway, so the party was nice. They had a crawfish boil. I had one crawfish tail and a potato and I thought my lips were going to burn off, so I just stuck with the boudin balls after that. They were easily the best I've ever had.

While I was there I started wondering about the state of teenage boys. Why are they so gross? There were some there that were pretty good looking, but they were dressed like homeless people. There was one that looked really good from about the knees up. Below that were shaved legs and florescent green crocs. How is that going to win over any shallow teenage girls? Then there were a lot of them with that slotchy facial hair look. Shave that crap off! It was just bad. There was only one girl there. She didn't really strike me as the type of girl that would be too particular.

They also had a little kitten there. Someone had just dropped it off at their house. It was so cute. They wanted us to take it home, and I so would have if my husband would have caved. In the car home, he said he kept waiting for me to say I'd take it. It was soooo tiny. The girls loved it. Our cats won't go near them, but that little kitten was all over them. We should have gotten it, but we have 3 already and I doubt ours would be too happy with a new baby around.

That's all for today. I should finish my Mirabilia RR soon! Yay!


Jenny said...

I have to laugh at teenage boys nowadays too. My half brother is 16 and whenever he talks about girls he seems to be trying to sound like a real "pimp daddy" yet I doubt he has ever even been kissed.

Gill said...

I don't know what it is with teenage boys either. You should see my step-DS...he recently gave us a framed photo of himself, and it looked like he'd cut his own hair, in the dark...with a pair of nail clippers! LOL