Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Two Finish Weekend

I finished that sewing box thingy for my mom. Unfortunately I didn't think to snap a picture of it, but I'll do that one day this week hopefully. It was much easier than I expected, however it was very time consuming. Next time I'll think ahead and make the box part ahead of time.

My second finish was Little House Needlework's Americana Sampling. I felt like an idiot. I've had this mostly finished in my stitching bag for months and never pulled it out. Last night I decided to go ahead and work on it, and I was able to finish it in just a couple of hours. Why was I such a slacker all this time?? Anyway, I'm going to pop it in a distressed white frame and give it to my dad for Father's day. I'm selling the kit leftovers for $10 if anyone is interested. I swapped out the original fabric, so that's still in the kit, plus the chart and the threads. There's plenty of all the colors except maybe one. Even in that one, I think there's enough to squeak by. You can email me at autumn.crochet@gmail.com if you want it.


Bea said...

your finish is lovely! I like the fabric that you used. Well done!

Suz said...

Congrats on the finishes!