Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Looky at what I got!

Gill was ever so nice as to send me one of her sewing cases. I got the package and I could tell it was from Australia and I couldn't imagine what would be coming from AU. In one of my Round Robin's Lisa from Australia sends to me, but I knew she couldn't have gotten the next round, stitched it, and already sent it to me. So, instead of actually opening it, I stood there pondering what I had ordered from Australia. The customs declaration said it was a sewing case and I knew I hadn't ordered anything like that recently. Finally I got inside and opened it and I was so surprised. It totally made my day. My week! I showed it off to the ladies in my stitching group and they were all really impressed. So good job Gill! I think if you want to sell some of those, they'd buy one.

I've been plugging away on my cousin's wedding thingy. It's a handfasting dohicky. I'll post a WIP pic soon.

I think today I'm going to work on Annette's RR. I'm doing the house and some gardens from Elizabeth Design's Garden of My Heart.

Oh and I have some Dimples Designs Kits for sale if anyone is interested. I have Queen of the Bumblebees, Jeweled Scarab, Cramer's Blue Morpho Butterfly, and Cattelya Orchids which is also known as Paris When it Sizzles. They're $10 each or $35 for all 4


Terri said...

Lucky girl! Gill, it looks great!

Jenny said...

You are so lucky Autumn! Enjoy your surprise! :)

Gill said...

I'm so glad you like it Autumn. I wish I could've seen your face though! LOL

Medieval Needle said...


On another note - I'm interested in Jeweled Scarab - my email is melanie.simmonds at gmail.