Wednesday, April 26, 2006

When it Rains, It Pours

Friday's rain was pretty much nothing, but we finally got a really good rain last night. Then the bottom dropped out this morning. It stormed and poured for a good 3 hours. There was some pretty heavy duty flooding out around our house this morning.

The kids were terrified of the thunder. Actually, I think Eva was acting all scared, but I think she was just doing that to be cute. I don't think she was actually scared of it. Lauren and Maria on the other hand were like little spider monkeys crawling all over me whenever it would thunder. They were pretty upset, especially Lauren, she had a death grip on me.

I got a little stitching done last night. I started on my mom's etui. I got the pin cushion cover started and finished. I started on the box cover. I think it'll be a pretty quick stitch. We'll have to see how long the actual construction takes.

Ok, so I haven't said anything about the New Orleans election. I knew it was going to come down to Nagin and Landrieu. They were the only ones that were running an election campaign here. I think there were too many people running. Perhaps if there were so many Forman could have gotten a few more votes and edged one of them out of there.

I personally don't think that either Nagin or Landrieu should be mayor. Nagin, well, for the obvious reason. Landrieu, because he's part of the history of neglect in New Orleans. Louisiana really has to get out of the habit of re-electing the same people (and their relatives) over and over again.

The biggest benefit of electing Landrieu though, would be that it would get him out of the Governor's Office. He's currently the Lt. Governor. Although, it would cause a bit of a problem if Blanco finally went nuts and had to be removed from office. The Lt. Governor wouldn't be able to take office because whoever would take Landrieu's place would be appointed and an appointed official can't become governor. The next in line is the Secretary of State, but the SOS is also appointed because the previous one died. After that, I don't know who is in line. I guess I should check that out.

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