Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Chance of Rain?

We actually have a 50% chance of rain for tomorrow evening. Please please please let it rain. We're in a "severe drought". We haven't had any measureable rain in over a month. And currently this is the driest January, February, March and April in Louisiana's recorded history. The last time this happened Governor Foster asked the citizens of Louisiana to pray for rain and we got Tropical Storm Allison that dumped like 2 ft. of rain on us.

This weather has my allergies in overdrive. I've been coughing for 2 months straight. It's getting really old. And I finally had to break down and buy allergy eye drops.

And if it couldn't be any worse, it's been like 90 degrees. In April! What's in store for August? And this doesn't bode well for the upcoming hurricane season. All that Gulf water is going to be superheated much earlier in the season, especially when you consider that we pretty much didn't have a winter.

I had a little story to tell about Eva. I was really impressed with her vocabulary considering she's only 4. When I picked her up from school she was obviously in a bad mood, so I was feeling her out trying to find out what was wrong. She finally broke down and told me that school was just too difficult. I was surprised to hear her use the word difficult rather than an easier word. Then later, Lauren kept telling her no, and Eva was all upset. It was actually pretty funny. I kept telling Eva to go lay down on the sofa and relax and Lauren kept telling her no. Eva would get all upset because Lauren kept telling her no. I'm like hello? Are you going to listen to me or Lauren? Anyway, Eva started crying and said that Lauren was horrible. That was another big word to use when there were so many other easier ones. So something's working somewhere.

Here's my most recent stitching finish. I stitched the bottom band for Suz's TWRR. It's from TW's English Garden Sampler.

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Kristen said...

I hope you get the ran you need! It seems like every year the weather is getting worst. They are saying that this year's hurrican season is gonna be another bad one. The tornadoes ripping up the center of the US and the crazy snow up in the Northeast make me wonder if something like "The Day After Tommorrow" could happen.

Hang in there with the allergies. Mine have gotten worst since we moved. Something grows up here that I am allergic too and I have been suffering from a scratchy throat and runny nose for weeks now.

Eva is growing up so fast! I remember Katie's first "big" word, it was "conclusive". I have no idea where she got it from and she still, to this day, cannot use it in the proper context.