Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend Update

We had a pretty good weekend. The weather was gorgeous.

Saturday morning my mom took Eva to a local nursery that was having pony rides. She took some pictures (which again I'm having trouble uploading). I think she had a really good time.

Saturday afternoon was LSU Football. It was a really great game and I was so happy that they won.

Sunday we went to the in-laws house. It was pretty nice. The weather was nice and she always cooks really good food. We spent the afternoon picking pecans. Maria preferred acorns so there were a lot of acorns mixed in. We all got so dirty. They had burned their cane field earlier in the week so we were all sooty. But now my mom has a bunch of pecans for all her holiday cooking.

Do you realize that Christmas is only about 2 months away??

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