Monday, October 24, 2005

An Uneventful Weekend

Ok is anyone else having trouble with Blogger and getting to the page where you add your post? I've been having trouble getting it to open.

Friday, James and I had lunch together which was nice. We went to an Indian Restaurant, which is a testament to my love for him. LOL I just don't like it. We've been several times and I've been brave, but just can't find anything I like.

Saturday we just kinda fooled around. We played outside with the kids, then went to Sonic for lunch. Then we took them to the playground near our house. They were so dirty by time we got back home.

Saturday night we tried to watch the LSU game at my parents house, but Eva was being really bad so I took her back home. We finished watching it at home. What a nail biter!! I was just thrilled that they won again! After the game ended someone started running up and down the street yelling. I was ok with that. Then the people that live in the trailer across the bayou took their party outside which probably wouldn't be too bad, but the acoustics of the huge expanse between their house and ours magnifies the noise somehow. Then after they quiet down I realize someone is playing rap music really loud. I couldn't even figure out which house it was coming from. It was mildly irritating, but I was watching a movie (Van Helsing) so I couldn't hear it unless I got up.

Sunday, more of the same, just cleaning, lunch and grocery shopping. We did do some fall clothing shopping for Eva. She looked so grown up this morning. I was so thankful I bought so many clothes for her when she was a baby. Lauren and Maria are all set for pants and jeans and a few sweaters. I'm going to get them some new shirts though so they don't have to wear all hand me downs.

It got cold over the weekend. It was like 90 Friday afternoon and today at noon it's only 53. And it's WINDY. I got out of the car a little while ago and everything blew out of my arms when I opened the door. I felt like a fool chasing everything down.

Stitching wise it was a pretty good weekend. I finished the tree on Mother's Tree. I started the first name. 1580 Renee Courtin. I got to the u in Courtin. I think the names might go fairly quickly.

If anyone is curious how I managed to go back so far, it wasn't through a huge amount of my own work. My great aunt had started the family tree and she had done a great deal of work including press clippings and pictures many generations back. However, she was doing the entire family tree and I was trying to get just the mother line. So I used her material as much as I could. Then I hit What an excellent resource! Between that website (and some of the people I corresponded with from that website), the resources of the geneaology department at the Bluebonnet Libaray, and all the people who tracked the Acadians exiled from Canada, I was able to get the names of all these women. I hit a wall because Renee Courtin was born in France and either I would have physically go to France to search old church records or hire someone to do it. Neither of which were very affordable. Anyway, I worked it backwards and forwards several times over many months so I'm fairly comfortable that my information is correct.

I was bad and I started Doro Theos (thanks Marjean and Anita!) this weekend. I changed the colors from the recommended blue, pink, and purple to red, green and gold. I'm stitching it on Silkweaver's Purely Primitive. I'm a little iffy about how the gold looks on that fabric, but the gold thread has a very slight greenish cast, the fabric has a slight greenish cast, and then I have a green thread next to it. So I think it'll work. I need to stop stressing about these things. I've never had anyone say that they hate my fabric choice so I don't know why I worry about it so much.

I guess that's about it. Although, I do have something sort of trivial and random on my mind. I just heard that "officials" (whoever that may be) believe that most of the cars used in car bombs in Iraq are cars stolen off the streets of the United States. How would so many stolen cars get over there? I could understand if they were stolen from say Saudi Arabia or something, but it seems like it'd be awfully difficult not to mention costly to transport so many cars overseas.

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Jenny said...

I'm really impressed with how far back you were able to go with your Mother's Tree. I think I have 6 or 7 generagtions back to the early 1800s but that is as far back as I could go. I did it myself using a few years back. I actually have one more name than what I'm going to use, but my information is iffy on that name (she would have only been 13 when she gave birth to the next name) and I don't really have any good source other than someone else's tree - so I'm going to leave her off. Congrats on having so many generations though - that will make a fabulous family heirloom and record.