Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's pretty quiet around here

There's not much going on around here. I've been stitching like a crazy woman trying to catch up with everything. I finished Hinzeit's Princess Mini Block. It's stitched on Silkweaver's Rock-A-Bye Opalescent Lugana. Instead of using the Needle Necessity thread required I used DMC 603. I also finished a Round Robin that was killing me. I hated it so much. It's that Alphabet one with my stitching group and the pattern chosen was Cricket Collection's Christmas Alphabet. I stitched O,P,Q. I don't think I posted this on here, but I also finished my section on Crystal's Band Sampler Round Robin. The color is a little washed out in that picture, but it's really pretty and it's going to be gorgeous when it's done. So now I'm working on Marilyn's Stitcher's Lane RR and I hope to finish that up today. Then I'm going to go back to working on my Mother's Tree. I really want to finish the tree maybe this weekend. I'm pretty close to being done with that part. Then I'm going to need to start with the names, which is going to be quite the challenge. I think I was able to go back 16 generations.

I just saw a pattern I HAVE to get. Isn't Love Song gorgeous?? I just broke down and ordered Rhapsody in Blue and now they come out with another one?? I just love love love the border.

I just heard this on the cracked me up

Tom Benson if you move the Saints
After all this State has been through
Read between our cajun fingers,
This bird is for you.

I can't stand Tom Benson, I hate that the State is fast tracking the renovation of the Superdome when housing in New Orleans is still in limbo, just so he doesn't move the Saints. Let the go!! Seriously, no tears would be shed around here. I always thought this was another one of those New Orleans vs. the rest of the State things. There was a salesman yesterday in our office who said most of New Orleans is happy to let them move too. So if nobody cares? Why is there all this hysteria that they might move now that they have an opening in their contract that would let them move? There's some sort of disaster clause that would allow them to leave and Katrina would fit the bill. Benson has always wanted to move to San Antonio, they're playing most of their home games there, and SA wants them. So what's the deal? Just go! It would save the State millions of dollars every year. Money that might actually get spent on schools instead...what a novel concept! Hmm...apparently Nagin wants the Saints to stay and the owner to go. That could work too I guess. Benson is the one that causes all the problems.

I've requested my recall Blanco petition. I haven't gotten it yet, and I don't know if I'm going to sign it when I do get it. I'm so severely disappointed in her on so many levels. My most serious beef with her is her new Rebuild Louisiana Commission or whatever it's called. The Governor of Mississippi hired the 10 Ten Urban Planners in the country to give their $.02. What does Blanco do? Appoint a bunch of politicians and political hacks. There isn't a single urban planner, architect, engineer in the whole bunch. She has just insured that not a single penny of any federal help is going to be put to any good. I almost hope they don't approve that aid package.

Anyway, I guess that's about all. I do have this picture of Lauren that I think is so cute. Those are her new pajamas and she loves those glasses.


Anonymous said...

Just remember who we get if we recall Blanco. I am not sure he is any better.

Autumn said...

Oh I know, Mary Landrieu's brother for those who don't. That's one of the main reasons why I'm reluctant.

Jenny said...

You have been getting a lot of stitching done lately! I don't particularly care for Christmas stitching myself, so I can imagine how much you were disliking your alphabet RR.

KariA1 said...

Great stitching!! And Lauren is such a cutie.