Thursday, October 19, 2006

No Clever Title

Lauren and Maria did great Tuesday and they had a lot of fun. They were happy to go back today. Even though I'm having to make personal financial sacrifices (that I'm not happy about!) I think they're going to really get a lot out of it.

I did talk to Eva's teacher yesterday. She's going to start their class on reading after Christmas. I finally remembered to ask her if she knew what Ascension Parish School's approach to reading was. She didn't know for sure, but she teaches phonics based reading. I was really happy about that. My cousin started reading in some whacked out way where they just memorized long lists of words, no phonics at all, and that just made no sense to me. What do you do if you come to a word that you haven't memorized? Anyway, I'm really excited about her teaching them to read.

I finished my section on Kari's RR. I did Peacock Tapestry Ornament.

I also got my act together and finished Eva's Name Tree (look at it from the side, it spells out her name). It's stitched on 28 ct. white opalescent lugana. I'm going to do Lauren and Maria's next. I got a piece of Silkweaver's Opalescent Rainbow Lugana from Marjean to do theirs. I just need to pick threads and beads.
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And I can't remember if I posted this before or not. This is Sweetheart Tree's 2006 Ornament. It was a really quick stitch. It's on 28ct. Natural Linen.
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bunnyhead said...

What a cute idea to do the girls names on the christmas tree ornaments. It looks great! How on earth did you chart that out?

Victoria said...

Most schools will use a combination of phonics & memory. Memory learning is required for the words that have to be learnt - words like 'the' which don't lend themselves to sounding out & need to just be known. There are a number of systems, mostly based around 100 words which form the basis of our language. My son's school uses the Magic 100 Words system, but uses a phonics method as well.