Tuesday, October 17, 2006

First Day

Today was Lauren and Maria's first day at pre-school. They've been all excited about it for the past few days. When we were getting out of the car, they both got a little nervous, but Eva held their hands and walked them in. I was really surprised. Once we got inside they were totally fine. When I got everything all put away, I told them it was time for me to go. Maria just said "You'll be back?" and I told her I would, and that was that. They were just like "Ok, Goodbye".

We had to finagle a little deal to get them in. They don't have any openings in the two year old room. They've been on the waiting list for like 4 months. They kept telling me they had room in their Mother's Day out program for them, but that's only from 9-12am and that's not good for my mom, because she'd have to drop them off and pick them up. And you can't make it to Baton Rouge to run errands and be back that quickly. So, finally the manager asked me if it would work to drop them off in the morning when I drop off Eva and let them stay in the 2 year old room until Mother's Day Out starts and then move them over to that room and have someone pick them up at Noon. My parents said that was perfect for them, so that's what we're doing. I think it'll be good for them. They really need the stimulation. They're so smart and just so desperate to learn new things. I think they're going to really like it.

Yesterday, I took James to do his colonoscopy. There's a family history of colon cancer, that's why he started them so young. He was fine. He was pretty hilarious when he first woke up and he doesn't even remember most of it.

I got him home and got him all fed and relaxed, then I took all the girls to their doctor for all their check ups and immunizations. Turned out Lauren and Maria were all caught up, but Eva had to get three shots. She did pretty good. She stopped crying pretty quickly. They tried to do an eye test on her, but she was being too silly. Lauren and Maria were both above average in height and average for weight. Eva was completely off the chart in terms of height and in the 98% percentile for weight. She's exactly 4' tall. He said that was good though, because she's more "symmetrical" now, she used to be in the 99% for height and in the 70% for weight. Eva and Maria did perfectly fine. I discussed my concerns about Lauren and her stomach issues with him, but he seem to think it was anything very serious. She's also had a problem with a rash on the back of her knees. He said it was excema. And just use OTC stuff on it. After that, we dropped my mom off at her doctor's appointment.

Stitchingwise, I'm really annoying myself. I have two little projects that I'm almost done with. It's just a matter of a just finishing them!


bunnyhead said...

My two little ones have eczema as well and the doctor gave them some perscription for when it acts up and said to use mild lotion on the problem areas routinely to help prevent breakouts. One gets it on the back of her thighs and the other gets it on her shoulders and neck. I say they get that from their daddy because I've never had anything like that before!

Kristen said...

I had to take Jon for his colonoskopy last year. They actually did some procedure they called a "double dip"...I don't even want to know what that is. Anyway, he was pretty out of it afterwards. My assistant had a similiar thing done, but they didn't put him out, he's been scarred ever since...

Jenny said...

I bet Lauren and Maria are just going to love preschool. :)

Katie has a bit of eczyma behind her knees and sometimes in the crock of her elbows too. We use Eucerin on it and that seems to keep it at bay. Alex had it too when he was small, but grew out of it when he was about 7 or 8. I'm hoping Katie eventually grows out of it too.