Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Friday

I've had this cough for about a week and it was just killing me. Wednesday I started getting wheezy when I would walk around, but it would stop when I rested. Well, yesterday I couldn't breathe even when I was sitting still. So, I was talked into going to the doctor. The difference between yesterday and today is absolutely amazing. I'm still coughing, but I feel soooo much better. I can actually breathe. And I can take a deep breath without collapsing into a huge coughing fit. I'm on asthma medicine so all this feeling of euphoria could just be because I'm high, but hopefully it'll be enough to sustain me through the day.

Or the happinness could be that LSU won last night!!! Geaux Tigers!! I was trying to rest last night and I was getting myself all wound up watching the basketball game.

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annmarie said...

I didn't watch the game last night, but was excited to see that LSU won. I hate Duke!