Monday, February 06, 2006

The Weekend

It wasn't the greatest. Friday night I started feeling kind of sick. Then I discovered the DVD player wasn't working so I couldn't watch any of my Netflix movies. So I watched Citizen Kane on TCM. It was ok. It was sort of like Casablanca to me, I just didn't get all the hype.

Saturday, I was definately sick. I didn't do much, we just sort of hung out. I watched Mutiny on the Bounty off and on (TCM is doing 30 days of Oscar, btw) Then that night I had a complete emotional breakdown. I was so sick and so tired and the kids were making me crazy and I kept cleaning and cleaning and the house was getting messier and messier. So, I retreated to a hot bath and promptly fell asleep. When I woke up, in a freezing cold bath, the house was clean and the kids were all in bed. So it was worth it. I switched out the DVD players and I watched The Cave and Lord of War. I thought both were ok.

Sunday, I woke up and couldn't talk, but I did feel a little better. James took the kids to his parents house for the day. So I went grocery shoppping and then slept for the rest of the afternoon. We watched the Superbowl and then Grey's Anatomy. I thought Grey's Anatomy was really good. I can't wait for next week!

As far as stitching goes, I started and finished this Elizabeth Design Freebie. It only took about 2 hours.
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And my latest progress on Americana Sampling
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Suz said...

Congrats on the stitching progress.

Oddly enough, I was sick as a dog this weekend too, and watched TCM. I started Citizen Kane but crashed out on the Nyquil 15 minutes into it ;)

Cathy said...

(((Autumn))) I hope you're feeling better by now.

Tracy said...

I hope you are feeling better. A nice hot bath always helps me out too! Take care. ((hugs))

Tracy said...

Geesh.. I forgot... Grey's Anatomy was freaking awesome!!! Wasn't it so clever the way they started the show? I mean they give out the Lombardi trophy and then men everywhere were treated to three beautiful girls in the shower How smart was that on the network/show's part?? It sure MY man's attention and got him to watch the show!!!! ROFL

Oh yes... I was slightly aggravated that I have to wait until next week...but I guess it was dumb on my part to think it would all come to a conclusion in ONE