Monday, February 13, 2006

A Good Weekend

It was a good weekend! Saturday James asked if we'd go shopping. Not him, but me and the girls. Now this sounds nice and all, but the real point was to get us out of the house so he could be home alone. After much complaining LOL I got my mom and we went shopping.

First stop, we picked up Mardi Gras beads. My parents entered their boat in a boat parade next weekend. Then we went to Hobby Lobby. I hit the jackpot there. Mill Hill beads and treasures were on clearance. I got 39 packets of beads and treasures for $20. Excellent deal. There was one treasure, that I got about 10 or 11 packets of (the one that you need so many for Mirabilia's Enchanted Mermaid) and they all had different prices and the cashier gave them all to me at the lowest price $.49!! Yay!

Then we had lunch. Lauren and Maria have a ketchup addiction. It was a challenge to keep them from sticking their hands in the ketchup and licking it off. Weirdos LOL Then Eva kept getting in the aisle and dancing to the music they were playing. It wouldn't be so bad, but she kept saying really loud "Look at my butt!"

Next stop, my LNS. I went to pick up some Anchor thread for a project my mom wants me to stitch. They had some of the new arrivals there. I got Blackbird Designs Strawberry Garden and JBW Spring Bouquet. My Alphabet Round Robin was there. I was so happy! This was a round robin that was supposed to end in like November, so it's only a little late he he he. I'm going to add some more motifs and a border.

When I got home there was a wonderful package from my Secret Stitcher. An Almond Roca valentine heart, a bunch of GAST and WDW threads, some needles, a Valentine card, some more valentine candy, a 6" Q-snap, a scissor fob, and a Lizzie Kate boxer kit. I was so touched! I was standing there getting all teary eyed. James was getting really suspicious about who actually sent it. I also got an email about my recent 123 Stitch order and apparently she's not charging me the full amount of shipping and is sending more thread off my list. Yay! Good customer service!

James also felt like I needed something to do in my "spare time" that could earn money. He encouraged me to sign up for doing online surveys that you get paid for. Anyway, I registered with a few companies. So far I've only gotten a $25 gift certificate. We'll see if it actually pays anything.

The girls are doing great. Eva's still such a goofball. Lauren and Maria are doing so well. They know a lot of their colors already and they're trying so hard to count. They can count to three, but that's about it. That's great though. Especially since all the doctors kept warning us that it wouldn't be unusual if they were developmentally delayed. Hopefully, I'll be able to get them in preschool soon. I think they'll do great!

I didn't do much stitching this weekend, but here's my progress pic of Americana Sampling. I'm almost done!


Nicole said...

Both pieces look beautiful.
What a neat idea for an RR. Makes me want to stitch my own like it lol.

Jenny said...

Glad everything seems to be going so well. :) Katie is just starting to learn colors too. It actually started cause she kept trying to pull bobbins out of my DMC box and I would tell her the color and then put it back. Only now she thinks all thread is "lellow". lol

annmarie said...

glad you had a good weekend. Your work is beautiful

KariA1 said...

Wow, those are gorgeous!!

Carol said...

Oh, your Alphabet RR is stunning! Congratulations!

I picked up Strawberry Garden too - isn't it just the prettiest thing??