Monday, December 01, 2008

Weekend Review

We had a pretty good weekend. Saturday was a lazy rainy day. We took the girls to see Bolt. I really liked that movie. The girls enjoyed it. I had a lot of time to stitch and managed to finish up this little ornament. It was a freebie from Plum Pudding Needle Arts.

Sunday we took the drive out to Covington to see my sister's new house. It's a very cute house by the way. We also took portraits for Christmas. It was outdoor which made it interesting because it was quite cold and very windy. The girls helped her decorate her Christmas tree...which translates into sort of watched her decorate the tree while her boyfriend showed us how to play various games on their Wii.

Then they took us to a park near their house to kill some time until it got dark so we could see their enchanted forest. They cleared a bunch of paths through their wooded lot and strung it all up with lights. It was really awesome. The girls loved it.

And we got to meet her new dog Shelby. They have two others. Shelby is a great dane that is not quite albino, but has some pigment issues as you can see from her eyes....and she's deaf. I got a laugh out of her Hitler moustache.


Jenny said...

Lovely ornament Autumn - I'll have to look up that one! :)

Looks like the girls had a great weekend too. :)

Karen said...

I like the ornament! The "enchanted forest" sounds really cool!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What an adorable ornament Autumn!

Mylene said...

A lovely ornament. Well done!!

Stitcher S said...

Great ornament, and I love your dog!

Melissa said...

Your ornament looks great! I just printed the chart out yesterday. Seeing your finish makes me want to start it now.