Thursday, September 04, 2008


we lasted about 48 hrs with no power and hauled ass to biloxi. hubby and i have taken two trips to beau rivage casino this summer. he called yesterday morning to see if they were open and they were so he made reservations until sunday.

we fared well through the storm. no damage to our house or any other relative's house. the damage in the area is extensive. it was worse, far worse, for our area than katrina. whenever the electric company guy for our area comes on the new he says we need to expect weeks and not days in terms of being without power. that's highly distressing.

anyway we're all doing ok for now.


Erin said...

Oh Autumn, I'm so sorry! I hope they get power back on much sooner for you. {{{hugs}}}

Daffycat said...

Hang in there!

Weeks? Eeek!

I hope your electric gets back on quickly.