Sunday, August 31, 2008


Looks like Gustav is indeed gonna hit S. Louisiana directly. If anyone is curious Google Port Vincent, LA and that's pretty much where I live. We were advised to evacuate this morning via Community Alert, but we're staying here and my parents are staying here (and they have the RV...and the generator). I've been in my "Impending Crisis Mode" all week so I think we're pretty well set. We're well stocked in terms of food, batteries, water, etc. I'm not so concerned about the storm or flooding directly, mainly just being without power for an extended period of time. The representative of our electric company was on the news this morning and he said that we could possibly expect outages in terms of weeks. I was sitting there thinking "Don't say things like that you bastard!!" LOL Anyway, we did ok during Katrina and Rita, while I expect this to be worse, I'm sure we'll come through this one ok too. We'll likely lose power tonight or early in the morning so I'll check back in on the other side.

Oh and on a stitching note I started Eleanor or "E" from Letter's by Nora (aka Mirabilia) and I'm about half through already. Might be done before the hurricane is over!


Suz said...

My family from NO and Slidell have both evacuated to Walt Disney World (seriously).

I hope you guys ride it out ok and there's not too much damage.

Best of luck.

Marjean said...

Call if you need me. Stay safe.

Daffycat said...

Best of luck, Autumn. I hope your powers stays ON. Let us know as soon as possible how you fare!

Kari said...

I hope you are staying dry!!!

BTW, I nominated you for an award. :) Go see my blog