Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Freebie Finish

Freebie link is in the post below. Again stitched on Parkland linen and stitched with CC Steamed Broccoli thread. I finished it last night stitching at my LNS. I had a nice time.

I found this thread and it does match with this fabric despite the pictures. I was having a hard time getting an accurate representation on the colors. The purple in the thread is not as nearly as pronounced as it look in the picture. I'm just wondering if there's enough contrast between the thread and the fabric. I'm thinking about using it for that Ink Circles pattern in Gift of Stitching...that Rose and Brambles or whatever it's called.



Jennifer said...

To me, based on the picture, it looks like it may blend a little too much. My suggestion would be to seperate the strands (at the end) and then place that on your fabric (either one or two strands depending on how you will be stitching it). That should show you how it will really turn out. HTH!

Mel said...

The finish is great!
I like Jennifer's suggestion of checking with one strand against your fabric to see if it will hold. Sometimes its hard to tell with the whole skein.

Lee said...

Love the freebie and the name of the color! Steamed broccoli! What a kicky name.

If I'm unsure about a fabric and thread combination, I usually try to stitch a small sample before I take the plunge.

Wendy said...

funny isn't it, how colors can look completely different in a photo .
but I'd say, just try it, and if you dicide you don't like it, frog and choose another color, no harm done.