Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jeans Rant

Why is buying jeans soooo difficult? And why is there no consistency is sizing. Like size A might fit fine in one pair, be waaaay too big in another and too small in another. So frustrating. I'm 5'6". Petite jeans are way too short. Average length used to be just fine. Now I find they're way too long. And it seems like the only choices are like the skinny jeans (which would look utterly ridiculous on me) and bootcut or flare leg. Whatever happened to just plain ole straightish leg? I've been wearing Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and I'm down to one pair. After trying to find something else I went back to GV. Since I bought the old pairs I've gained like 20 lbs, yuck, but anyway...I ended up having to buy a size smaller and they're still a little TOO big. Vanity sizing has gotten a little out of hand I think. And well, I felt like I needed to indulge a bit in some more trendy type jeans and bought some Silver brand jeans. I had forgotten how nice designer jeans can feel. Like buttah.

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Karen said...

I feel your pain! Jeans, and pants in general, always give me a hard time. I have a very small waist, but not so small hips! So, if I get jeans to fit my hips, I can fit another person in the waist next to me! If I get jeans to fit my waist, I can't get them up over my hips!! Best fit for me is slightly low-rise bootcuts. They don't come all the way up to my waist, and the slight flare at the bottom helps balance out my hips. Sigh... Men have it SO easy!!!