Saturday, November 01, 2008

New Glasses

Eva failed her eye test at school so we made a trip to the eye doctor. Poor kid was fairly blind. Fortunately the doctor said that aside from having astigmatism, he felt like her other problems would eventually go away through further development of her eyesight. So we picked out glasses. She looks so adorable in them. They're black, but they have a thin purple line around the edge so it makes them look dark purple and the color is really flattering to her. Thankfully she really enjoys wearing them and loves all the compliments she gets on them.

Lauren of course had to get in on the picture taking. That child is a camera hog.

And just to make sure all is's a picture of Maria and I


Daffycat said...

Congratulations on your new glasses, Eva! I remember my first day with glasses. Wow! I could see. It was so incredible.

Karin said...

Your girls are looking so grown up! Eva looks fantastic with her glasses.

Anonymous said...

Eva's glasses are great! She looks so grown up!

All three girls are so beautiful and getting SO big!


Jenny said...

All three of your girls are just gorgeous! :) Eva looks so grown up with her glasses.

Kaye said...

The girls are so pretty and Eva glasses are cute on her.

Abi said...

Your children are beautiful! I can't believe how big they are already! It seems like you just gave birth to the twins not too long ago. Love the glasses Eva! I wish my first glasses were as chic as yours. :)