Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I REALLY am still alive

I've been very absent lately and I feel really bad about it. Things have just been very hectic at home and work has picked up considerably.

Not much stitching. I'm in the Mira RR on the WWRRB. So, mainly I'm just trying to keep up with that as best as I can.

I'm going to try to be better about promises though! LOL


Susan said...

I knew you were alive, because I got your e-mail this week. I've been worried about you, but figured life just got in the way! Hope you and the girls are all good. Looking forward to seeing more posts, and more pictures of the family!

Jenny said...

Hi Autumn! Glad to see you post again, and hope we see more updates, even if it isn't about stitching. Maybe some pics of the girls like Susan suggested. :)

Christine said...

Hi Autumn,
I just came across your page today when I was researching Renee Courtin to stitch Mother's Tree for myself.

I took a peek at the progress picture you posted. I was curious to see how far we shared common ancesters. Apparently it was only two generations. Renee Courtin and Catherine Vigneau will both be on my Mother's Tree as well, but my next ancester is Marguerite Martin (1639), who is apparently your ancester Andrea's older sister.

My line also never left Acadia. We're (almost all) still in Atlantic Canada. (New Brunswick instead of Nova Scotia.)

Your tree looks amazing. I love the colours you've chosen for it, I'd love to see more pictures of it if you have any more done.

Good to meet you "cousin"
Christine Darrah