Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nuthin Much

There's just not much going on. This weekend we didn't do too terribly much. Saturday we all went to the health club. I'm not liking the situation going on over there. They're undergoing massive renovations so they have all the cardio machines in what used to be the free weights room. It's pretty packed in there and the mirrors are everywhere. There's only one little tv, so basically all you have to look at is yourself and everyone else in the mirror. It's really unnerving. Our company is doing some of the work so I asked what the completion date is supposed to be, and it's like 2 months away at least. I'm determined to not let this distract me.

Friday I finished up a little stitching project, but I can't share it yet. Sunday I stitched just a little tiny bit. That's about it. The weather has been really nice so we've been outside all afternoon most days.

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