Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I don't even know where to start. Friday Eva had a little pageant at school. It was cute. They sang songs and rang bells. Saturday we didn't do much, but it was my dad's birthday. We just had a little party with cake and ice cream. Sunday afternoon we went to church and Lauren and Maria were so BAD!! I was so frustrated with them that we left early. We were seated right in front of this water pool/fountain thing and they kept putting their hands in it and then they started throwing stuff in it. We went from there straight to my grandmother's house. We opened presents there. Eva finally got her electric Barbie karaoke guitar. That's been pretty amusing. She's been rocking out with Hannah Montana since then. Monday morning we didn't do much of anything except hang out and play with all the stuff Santa brought. Monday night we went to my parents' house to open more presents. Yesterday I didn't have to work, yay! So, we just bummed around and cleaned house and tried to teach Lauren and Maria how to ride their new bikes. It was exceedingly cold and very windy so that didn't last long!

All in all it was a good Christmas and the kids seemed to really enjoy it and got tons of presents. I got two $50 gift certificates to cross stitch places so I was happy about that!

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Jenny said...

Don't feel bad about the girls misbehaving in church. Katie can be a terror, just give her a pew and a kneeler - no fountain required! We are working on it though, *sigh*. I pick up and leave early too, when she really acts up. I'm so jealous of all those moms I see with perfect angels just quietly flipping through their Jesus storybooks. Wish I could get mine to do that.