Monday, July 17, 2006

Ahoy Matey

Eva and I went see Pirates of the Caribbean this weekend. She insisted it wasn't going to be too scary and that she really wanted to see it. Upon the start of the movie she insisted that it was too scary and didn't want to watch it. After awhile of me covering her eyes she was ok and watched it. She says she really liked it, but I know better!

We didn't do much else. Friday night I stayed up watching 24 episodes. Sam, you were right, I kept doing the "one more" thing. I did finish my two pieces of Annette's RR. I only have a picture of one. I used parts of Elizabeth Designs Garden of My Heart.


I have another RR that I really need to get to, but this weekend I had a dull headache and I just knew that I couldn't deal with all the over one stitching on it. So I finished up Ewe and I and Friend's Sweet Exemplary. The fabric is 32 ct. Bo Peep Pink and the thread is Gloriana's Pomegranate.


Then because I finished that, I started Just Nan's Frost Flower. I should finish that today. I'm almost done, I just have two colors that I need to fill in and that should only take a few minutes. I have a WhimZi frame to go with it, so I'll have to see how well those things work out.

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Bea said...

The house turned out lovely! Congrats.