Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Simple Pleasures

Ok, I've been bad. No posts in a whole week and I promised myself I'd do better than that. Not much was going on during the week then over the weekend I had little to no internet connectivity.

This weekend was pretty good. We had my mom's birthday party on Saturday. It was nice. She wants me to stitch this for her. It's stitching up fairly quick, but I haven't been working on it a lot. It's just not really interesting. I did finish Wintery Mix. It's not to wintery feeling, so I left the snowflake charm off the center. I'm going to find something else to put there instead. Maybe a bee or dragonfly or flower or something.

James took all the kids to his parent's house Sunday. I had the whole day to myself. It was so nice. I slept almost all afternoon. It was all stormy so it was a perfect day to sleep. I'm one of those weirdos that loves when it rains.

I've been listing a bunch of stuff for sale on Ebay. I've been doing quite well, so I'm pleased. It would be better if I'd transfer the money to my bank account and use it to pay bills rather than buying more stuff. I have been buying stuff for my Secret Stitcher, so that's a good justification. Speaking of such, I got my Secret Stitcher package this weekend. I got Patricia Ann's Silver Frost Sampler. While you can't really tell from the picture it's loaded with metallic threads and beads. She also sent me a Classic Stitches magazine with a peacock pattern and a sampler pattern that is just gorgeous. I'm going to have to stitch it, but tracking down the threads for it might be a bit difficult. Most of them are European and South African threads and there just aren't very many affordable sources in the US for those.

Let's see what else, Eva finally got a hair cut and she's starting with her new teacher today. I also finally got to see her ride her bike. She's doing surprisingly well, much better than I had expected.

Oh, and I saw Star Wars III this weekend. I thought it was pretty good. I had to go by myself of course. James hates Star Wars. I feel really bad for Anakin. It makes me not think Darth Vader is an absolute evil anymore.

Hmmm...the boards are down today and I've never seen them look they way that they do. It's making me a little nervous. Hopefully it'll all be corrected soon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Animal Magnetism

J has this friend that I can't stand. He's really super annoying, but fortunately he doesn't visit very much since we got married. One day he was blabbing on about how he loves animals and animals love him. He proclaimed that he had animal magnetism. I didn't bother to correct him about what animal magnetism meant. So, now it's one my private jokes. I thought about it yesterday because the wildlife around here is getting abundant. I got Eva two goldfish about a month ago. I really didn't expect them to last this long. What's the average life span of a goldfish? It's not that I want them to die or anything, but they really exceeded my expectations. The tree frogs are back. We have lots of glass on the backside of our house and there's a bayou back there too. So, during the summer the tree frogs stick on the glass. The other night I kept hearing them hitting the windows and the cats freaking out. The cats can't stand that they can't make those frogs move. And on the subject of animals on the window, yesterday there was a bird clinging to the screen of one of the kitchen windows. Good thing the cat didn't see that. There would have been some serious attacking of the window. The good thing about the bayou in the backyard is the egrets we get. It's nice when there's a misty morning and egrets hanging out in the yard. They're so elegant.

I talked to the nurse yesterday and I can't take hormone based birth control anymore. So, either the OTC stuff or surgery are our only options. I told J he needs to think about getting snipped. I wouldn't mind doing it myself, but I already have 5 scars across my stomach. I don't feel like I need 3 more.

I started Wintery Mix last night. It's stitching up really fast. For my open themed RR I might do Just Nan small designs instead of the Sweetheart Tree idea I originally had.

Tonight is the finale of American Idol. I'm rooting for Bo. Carrie is very good, but I think Bo has more personality and is more worthy of idoling.

Monday, May 23, 2005


First I'm really disappointed that my birth control isn't going to work out for me. My blood pressure is through the roof. I'm waiting for my doctor to call me back to see what I'm going to do about it. I'm fairly certain that I don't want anymore kids, but I change my mind all the time. I might change my mind about that 5 years down the road. So, I don't want any permenant birth control, but even as I type this, I'm doubting that I will. I really don't miss all the lack of sleep, all the costs of formula, and all the stress that comes with newborns. Things have definately started getting a lot easier now that the twins are lot less dependant. Why would I even consider messing that up?

Second, I'm a little disappointed in J's job. He's working a ton of overtime and I haven't noticed any big piles of money laying around.

Third, I'm disappointed in a friend.

Fourth, I'm disappointed in the fact that my ears are not healing. They aren't getting worse, but they aren't getting better either.

However, I was having some serious money trouble this month and ended up with 2 unexpected windfalls that will help out in a big way! I just love when things work out like that. I also finished Susan's RR last night. I think next I'm going to work on Just Nan's Wintery Mix. I have a piece of a very pale lavender fabric that it will fit on and I think the colors looked good on it. I've had that piece of fabric for like 5 years. It's about time I get around to using it. I need something small before the next Round Robin round which will be June 6 and I'll be getting Sherrin's. She already has her neighborhood planned out so I won't need to look for charts for this one.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Girls

I finally took some pictures today. Lauren and Maria are getting so big. They're almost 14 mos old now. For the most part they get along really well. They play together and they make each other laugh a lot. They're really sweet to each other some times especially when they share toys or food. They do fight sometimes and it's pretty funny when they do, but they usually get over it pretty fast. In this picture Maria is on the left.

edited to remove picture since it's screwing up my template

Eva's getting so big too! 3 1/2 already. She's such a goofball. She loves anything Princess and considers herself to be one. She calls hiccups pickups. She can't take a normal picture! She always has to pose or act really silly as evidenced by the picture below. She's on her way swimming with her Daddy.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Here's my finished Birth Sampler!!

I'm so happy to have finished this one. Now, it's back to Susan's RR!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Just another day

Nothing much going on today. Last night I finished all the stitching on the birth sampler, today I just need to add all the beads. There's a lot! Hopefully Dad will get the frame made over the weekend and I can give it to her on Monday.

Today is Eva's last day in Ms. Sharolyn's class. On Monday she starts with Ms. Amy. I think she's ready for it. I think Ms. Amy has more of a schedule with real work, which I think will be good for her. Lauren and Maria are getting so big so fast. I was looking at some of their preemie clothes and I couldn't believe that they used to be too big for them. I'll have to post some pictures!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

An Alphabet Game

I found this surfing the blogs this morning so I thought I'd give it a try. You put in a letter of the alphabet into your browsers address bar and pick the link that's the first on the autofill thing.

A-ABC's website
B-Bank One
C-News story about a pregnant Catholic school girl
D-Daily Celeb
F-Fairy Glen Figurines
G-Georgia Lottery
I-Some picture of a Sweetheart Tree pattern
J-A news story about Louisiana sinking into the Gulf of Mexico
K-News report about a druggist refusing the morning after pill to a rape victim
L-Louisiana State Government Website
M-National Bone Marrow Donation Website
N-A site about tailbone fractures
O-Office Depot
P-Ezboard BBs
Q-Quiz on Quizland
R-This crazy woman with her house packed with junk
S-Salary Wizard on Monster.com
T-Taneya's Blog
U-Urban Outfitters
V-Victoria Sampler

I don't know about some of these. I guesss it makes it more interesting since I'm not the only person that uses this computer. Certainly the tailbone one is my sister's as is the Monster.com site. I'd guess Urban Outfitters and the Zazzle site is too.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What a great day

Yesterday I get home and there's a package from the Stash Fairy in the mail. It really made my day. I was just so thrilled. Then, I sold some of my Hobby Lobby thread at my stitching night. American Idol was just fantastic last night too. Bo really blew me away. I think he's going to win, if not, it's ok, because he's going to be famous anyway. To top off the evening I got an email from a BB member willing to trade most of my Hobby Lobby thread for Waterlillies. So I have that to look forward too. I'm sending out a package to my Secret Sister today too!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Some People

Back about 6 months ago there was a big controversy on one of my favorite Bulletin Boards. I really came to dislike a lot of people and one in particular when the unpleasantness arose. This same person in the same breath continues to dredge up all these bad feelings and tell everyone that it's time to get over it. So annoying.

Well, Jodi had her baby this morning. I'm not done with her birth sampler so I'm going to have to hurry up and finish it. This morning I was out running errands and something told me to bring my stitching with me. Good thing I listened to that little voice, I got stuck behind some railroad tracks and it took nearly a half hour for the train to pass. I got a good bit of stitching done!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Here goes

Ok...I'm tentatively putting my toe in the water. I've never done one of these before, but I'm going to have a go at it.

Not much to say just yet, let me get used to how this works!

Stitchingwise, I'm working on Susan's neighborhood Round Robin. I think it's going to be really cute!